Prayer Changes Everything

This is blog about helping people through prayer. It doesn't matter what the circumstances that surrounds you we believe that prayer can and will change. We are here to uplift one another without judgment and confidentially.
~ Tuesday, November 1 ~
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~ Thursday, May 26 ~


Shekinah Glory Ministry - Just For Me (Live) (by ShekinahGloryMinVEVO)

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~ Thursday, May 19 ~

If you are always at odds about becoming what God wants you to be then you must have not the decision to be completely committed.

Make the decision to be completely committed and God will take care of everything else.

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~ Tuesday, May 17 ~
Be compelled to pray because God may not respond w/ what’s best TO us, but will always respond w/ what’s best FOR us.

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~ Sunday, May 8 ~

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~ Saturday, May 7 ~

Today’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the most humble way, to give you the honor and the praise you deserve. I ask you for the wisdom to follow your word without falter, and the wisdom to be bold before those who don’t yet know you. I ask you for the strength to overcome every obstacle that may stand in my way. God, I desire to be closer to you than ever before.  So, today I choose to draw nigh to you in order for you to draw nigh to me. So, lead me, and I shall follow. God, I know that everything you take me through is to let patience have its perfect work in me, so that I may be a sheep without blemish. Therefore, God I love you and honor, and I will never put nothing before you. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Read Jame 1 & 2

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~ Thursday, May 5 ~


Before I even knew you I cheated on you

Cause I said, “I believe in you” but I

Chose to do things my way

But you chose to wait patiently

You let me destroy my own way

Because I didn’t know any better I suppose

Once I met you I still cheated on you

Cause of my selfishness I would not let go

My actions I condoned because of the

Belief that your grace would cover all no matter what

Through my actions I cheated

Through my thoughts I overruled your authority

Through my emotions I chose not to listen

But something was changing, I started to realize

That I am wrong and you are right

Once I knew you I still cheated on you

With things I would not let go

I learned to ignore my emotions but

My thoughts I could not control

Which I could not control my actions

Even when you gave me your spirit

With the evidence of speaking tongues

I still cheated but something was giving in

And it was me

My deepest desire is to be faithful to you

As you were to me

So, I gave up the fantasy of once was

So, I give up the dream I wanted

I gave up public citing for private transformation

But something in me was still cheating and it was my subconscious

The place where my most intimate thoughts lie

The place where I made decisions despite knowing that was hurting our relationship

The place where my destructive habits thrived and choked the seedlings of change out of existence

But, then I realized that I didn’t want to die.

But, then I realized that as long as a part of me was out of your will, I would die.

So, I placed by subconscious under arrest to lay aside those things that hindered me.

So, I gave up actively deceiving you, in order to die.

So, I gave up cheating because I wanted to be faithful too.

I cheat no more.

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~ Monday, April 25 ~

formerlyrevelationsong said: Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing prayer you sent up my way :)

Your welcome and come back anytime

~ Saturday, April 23 ~
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~ Friday, April 22 ~
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God, This is the Day you have made God…

    We come to you on these special days, for those who are searching for you, those who want something from you. Who need something from you. And will not stop until they are answered and past that, will not stop until they are healed, and past that, until they are on their last breathe they will seek you, and you God we know we will find. Please help us find ourselves in you only!

We ask that you stretch out your hands to those who are dealing with a battle within themselves father God. Lies of the enemy!

 Lies of the world, And we ask that you replace it with Joy, Hope and the greatest Love.

 Bind those who have depression, those who think of suicide, not just once Lord. Daily is this in their thoughts. Touch the sick, the hungry, the lonely, the widowed, the abused and those who can’t eve form words to speak your name.Our children, raise our lambs have them placed in the proper place!

God, let your spirit rain on your people, help them to walk on the right path, put people in their lives who want the best for them instead of seeing the worst in them. Guide them, bless their words, bless their hands, from head to toe bless them.

 Give them a clean heart to start new, a peace of mind filed with sound, and a fresh thought process.Remove the darkness hidden with in.

 Touch the Old, and wise for them to touch the young and learning… We need each other father, unite us. Connect us spirit to spirit, mind to mind, heart to heart…

God, we speak in behalf of those who can’t, who don’t know the words, who feel unworthy, We were once there God help them know by the fruits we produce!

Touch use God, we are  just to pass on the Good news God, Help use to walking on in your will, your way, and Christ.

 We thank you for yesterday, today, and in advance…

 I Jesus name Amen..

If you are in need of prayer, let us know we will come in a agreement with you.

Be Blessed.

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Go to church once a week and nobody pays attention. Worship God seven days a week and you become strange!
— AW Tozer (via jamestherocketman)

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